23 Wrestlers As Santa Claus

19. Perry Saturn

When martial arts expert, WCW Superstar Ernest “The Cat” Miller badmouthed Santa Claus on the December 21 1998 episode of WCW Monday Nitro, he didn’t expect to get his *ss kicked in return.

Santa then revealed himself to be Perry Saturn under the coat.

18. Goldust

In 2002 we saw a rather comical version when one half of the World Tag Team Champions Goldust played the role of Santa Claus on the December 16 episode of WWE RAW.

He was involved in a funny backstage segment with his own Tag Team partner Booker T and their opponent Christian.

17. Chris Jericho

Who could forget the days of the infamous “Jeri-Show” Tag Team?

During the December 21 2009 episode of WWE RAW, WCW/WWF Legend Chris Jericho came out as Santa Claus for an in-ring segment with his tag team partner The Big Show.

16. D-Generation X

Actually #15 features more than just 1 Wrestler but since it was just 1 segment, we only counted DX as one here.

During the December 20 1999 episode of WWF RAW IS WAR, Mankind had to face a bunch of Santa Clauses in a Boiler Room Brawl.

After meeting several other Santa Clauses down there, he was eventually set up and defeated by D-Generation X, all dressed up as Santa as well.

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