23 Wrestlers As Santa Claus

15. The Big Show

Literally no other Wrestler has turned from Babyface to Heel and back to Babyface and back to Heel … and on and on … like WCW/WWF Legend The Big Show.

During a December 2010 episode of WWE SmackDown! The Big Show (a Babyface at that point in time) came out as Santa Claus, accompanied by Santa’s little helpers Rosa Mendes & Hornswoggle.

14. The Bushwhackers

Again, yes we counted them as one as they appeared – both dressed up as Santa – on the December 21 1992 episode of WWF Prime Time Wrestling.

Both came out to their own entrance theme song and appeared in a funny interview segment about the spirit of christmas.

13. R-Truth

During the 2009 edition of the annual ‘WWE Tribute To The Troops’ show, R-Truth came out dressed as Santa and rapped his own entrance theme song as always.

The show was taped on December 19 2009 in Joint Base Balad, Iraq.

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