5 Moments In Royal Rumble History That Changed WWE Forever

3. The Rock vs. Mankind – Royal Rumble 1999 (“I Quit” match for the WWF Championship)

This match was one of the most brutal WWF Title matches till date. It is known for its brutality as Mankind took a very dangerous bump and a beating of a lifetime at the hands of The Great One. He also got hit in the head 11 times with a chair, with his hands being handcuffed behind his back by The Rock.

The Rock did everything he could do to become a 2 time WWF Champion, but Mankind didn’t quit. However in the end, Mankind fell on the floor unconscious after the hard hitting chair shots to the skull, Rock put the microphone near his mouth and Mankind was heard screaming “I Quit” 3 times and Rock won the title.

It was later revealed that Rock had played a recording from a promo Mankind made on WWF Raw in the match build up, so he didn’t quit during the match.

Mick Foley was bleeding profusely after the match was over and showed everyone yet again, that he had testicular fortitude.

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