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7. Kevin Owens Thinks Goldberg Is Not Ready For The FastLane 2017 Main Event Against Him

During a recent interview with ESPN, WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens discussed his FastLane 2017 main event Title match against Goldberg and noted that he thinks Goldberg isn’t ready for him:

“I’ll answer this as honestly as I can, because that’s always the way I do things, and that answer is ‘No.’ Because, see, ya know, anybody who’s followed Goldberg’s career, or even people who haven’t followed Goldberg’s career and have only been familiar with him for the last two or three months since he’s been back in WWE, guess what? You’ve already seen everything Goldberg can do.

You’ve seen a spear, you’ve seen a jackhammer. That’s pretty much where it ends, but I’ve been here for about two years, and yet, I’ve only scratched the surface of what I can do and the people who have followed me, throughout my entire career, before I got to WWE will tell you that’s a fact. So, I don’t think Goldberg is ready for the kind of main event that I’m going to bring to him at FastLane 2017, absolutely not.”

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