Goldberg Not Retiring At WrestleMania 33 and Wrestling At SummerSlam 2017? Video of Raw Wrestler’s Brutal Injury Spot, WWE Begins “Champion vs. Champion” Main Events For SmackDown Live Events, “Royal Rumble 2017 is going to go in a way that nobody expects” – Triple H

7. “Royal Rumble 2017 is going to go in a way that nobody expects” – Triple H

During a recent interview with IGN, 14 time World Champion Triple H discussed the upcoming Royal Rumble 2017 match and talked about the star power in this match and the unpredictable factor in this year’s match.

Below is what Triple H said:

“This year’s Royal Rumble is one of the biggest, most star-studded Rumbles that I can recall. Just look at the people who have thrown their name into the Rumble so far. You’ve got Goldberg and Lesnar and The Undertaker. When you start to look at that level of talent and then also see the Bray Wyatts and the Randy Ortons and everyone else that’s going to be a part of it, it really is one of the biggest Rumbles I can think of.

Sometimes there’s a year in the Rumble where you think “Okay, I can see this or that happening. This seems like where the Rumble might be headed.” But this year, it’s really tough to call. And I think that’s when the Rumble’s at its best, when you can’t really put your finger on what’s going to happen.

I can see this year going a lot of different ways and I think it’s going to go in a way that nobody expects.”

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