Old School Wrestling Videos – WWF, WCW, ECW & More

Funny Match Between Eddie Guerrero & Chyna

Here’s a match between Chyna & WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero. Speaking of Eddie, today is his 11th death anniversary.

RIP Eddie Guerrero & Chyna

The WWF Debut of The Undertaker

The Undertaker debuted at the WWF Survivor Series 1990 PPV accompanied his then manager Brother Love. Originally he was going to be billed as “Kane The Undertaker”.

Goldust WWF Debut Promo

This is one of the early Promos to bring back Dustin Rhodes to the World Wrestling Federation in 1995, after he was fired from WCW earlier that year.

Doink The Clown on USWA Memphis Wrestling TV

This is the original Doink, Matt Osborne, who visited the USWA as part of the WWF/USWA cooperation.

Hulk Hogan’s WWF Comeback!

This is Hulk Hogan’s first match back in the WWF, after Vince Jr. broke his father’s promise to never bring The Hulkster back.


This is one of “The Macho Man” Randy Savage’s famous Slim Jim Commercials.

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