Pedophiles In Professional Wrestling

5. Terry Garvin

The second World Wrestling Federation employee, who got fired (forced to resign) as soon as the 1992 child s*x abuse accusations came up, was assistant booker Terry Garvin (kayfabe brother of Ron Garvin), who’s real name was Terry Joyal.

Long term undercard WWF Wrestler and uncle of WWE Superstar Randy Orton, “Barry O” Barry Orton became the whistleblower about Terry Garvin sexually harassing people within the WWF.

Not only did Garvin molest Barry Orton when they shared a car, he was also involved in what the New York Post called a “Teenage Boy Scandal”.

Orton said that his resistance to sexual harassment was the reason he never rose above prelim status.

Barry Orton also reported that one of the underage ring assistants came up to him and told him he was harassed by Garvin.

Similar to Pat Patterson, only in a more openly way, Terry Garvin molested underage ring boys on a regular basis.

Garvin wasn’t discreet about his lifestyle. He used his job to arrange trysts for himself and saw no reason to be particularly secretive about it.

Then WWF operations manager Nelson Sweglar remembers walking into a bus and seeing Garvin, whom he found likeable, ‘hard at it’ with a ring boy.

Former ring boy Tom Cole said, Terry Garvin propositioned him when he was 16 years old, and also offered him cocaine and all kinds of other drugs to have s*x with him, but he refused.

He stated that he spent a night freezing in a van after telling Garvin “Listen Terry, I came from nothing and I can go back to having nothing. If this is what this job entails, then I don’t necessarily need the job.”

Cole was let go because he refused Garvin’s advances.

Canadian WWF Referee Mike Clark said his bookings were stopped after he refused a se*ual invitation from Terry Garvin.

Garvin told him Mike Clark:

“If you want to come to the TV tapings, i’ll bring you to the TV tapings and i’ book you all across every event in Canada.”

Clark: “Geez, that would be great!”

Garvin: “How would you like to lie on the bed and have me perform oral s*x on you and i’ll give you $500 dollars?”

Mike Clark said he turned down Terry Garvin’s offer and noted the following:

“Inside the WWF, the ring crew and referees were named ‘The Cream Team’ by Patterson, Garvin & Philips. People like me and everybody else who worked for the wrestling business know about this. The WWF is just filth, lies and cheaters, that’s the way the company’s been built.”

Billy Jack Haynes told ‘Entertainment Tonight’:

“I was taking a shower. Terry Garvin came in and put his hand on my ass. I also think he was trying to put his finger up my a**hole. I grabbed him and said ‘Look if you ever touch me again, I will kill you’ “

Former WWF preliminary Wrestler Tom Hanks said in the New York Post:

“Vince McMahon’s denying of se*ual charges against Pat Patterson and Terry Garvin, is a laugh. Anyone seriously involved in the wrestling business knows only too well of both Patterson and Garvin’s well-earned reputations”

Terry Garvin died on August 17, 1998 of cancer.

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