Big Plans For Kurt Angle At SummerSlam 2017, Alberto Del Rio Says His ‘Mex-America’ Storyline Was Stupid, The Rock-WrestleMania 15 Story & More

7. Alberto Del Rio Says His ‘Mex-America’ Storyline Was Stupid

During a recent appearance on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio talked about his second run in WWE and being involved in the ‘Mex-America’ storyline with Zeb Colter, not getting along with the New Era guys & more. Below is what he said:

“It’s because the storyline the company had for me was pretty stupid with the ‘Mex-America’ storyline was so stupid because nobody understood what we were trying to do. I couldn’t understand what we were trying to do so the people didn’t click with it because it was just really confusing, and nothing but respect for Dutch Mantell, I mean, he’s hurt, he couldn’t really walk, so he wasn’t really helping me out there, but even though my work in the ring was fantastic, and I’m in amazing shape.

When I came back to WWE I said okay, this is my second opportunity, I’m going to make the most of it so I went back to the gym and started dieting and really working hard. I am in amazing shape and I did everything in my power to make it work, but the storyline wasn’t there. From there I started to feel like I wasn’t comfortable with the company; all my friends were gone.

All my friends like Edge, Chavo Jr, Rey Mysterio, and was there in the locker room with great kids, great guys, but different generation; they’re into their comic books, playing video games, looking at their I-Pads, and whatever and I’m just completely from a different generation. I remember Vince McMahon saying this to me; ‘hey, why don’t you try to blend with the kids, with the guys.’

I said because we’re so different. I read books, they play video games, they read comic books, they’re 19, 20 years old and I’m 38 so we have nothing in common. I have three little kids, I’m a father, so we have nothing in common.”

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