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7. Emma Not Returning To WWE Programming Anytime Soon?

As seen on Raw a few weeks back, Emmalina finally arrived on Raw after being promoted for 17 weeks. She noted that she’s now beginning her transformation back to Emma and left.

Word is that WWE officials had big plans for this Emmalina character, but she couldn’t pull off what they wanted during rehearsals and the new character has been nixed. She will now return back to her evil gimmick.

According to reports, Emma will only return to WWE programming (Raw) when WWE officials have a feud for her in mind. Word going on is that Emma isn’t expected to return anytime soon.

Word is that Emmalina was supposed to be a throwback to characters like Sable and The Kat. WWE officials are very high on this concept and it could be brought back in the future.

You can watch Emmalina’s arrival on Raw below:

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