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7. Bill Apter Clarifies His Comment of Bray Wyatt Being The Most Weird WWE Champion Ever

We recently noted how legendary Pro-Wrestling journalist Bill Apter recently called “The New Face of Fear” Bray Wyatt the most weird WWE Champion ever.

This comment received mixed reaction from the fans and Apter has clarified his comment and said the following:

“One of the things that I said was, “How can you put this guy on a talk show?” Which is not negative. He could do that in character which is fine. Bray Wyatt is just phenomenal, I didn’t and wouldn’t say anything negative about him. I’m just saying that he’s not cut from the same cloth as champions that you generally see.

He’s different than most of the other champions but he’s still fantastic. As you can see the fans really take to him. I kept getting tweets and e-mails, “Why don’t you like Bray Wyatt? Why don’t you think he’s a good champion?”

Well the end of this was last night when I was coming out of Wal-Mart one of the cashier’s Rob, who is a friend of mine, said, “What’s the problem with Bray Wyatt? Why don’t you like him?” I think people are reading in to this that I don’t like him or I don’t like him as champion. That’s not true.

What I am saying is that he is a different type of character than you usually see with the belt. You usually don’t see guys with this kind of unusual type of cult image holding the belt. That is what I was trying to say.”

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